Penis Enlargement Exercises


This article is related to penis enlargement exercise’s. To get good penis having good length and girth is every man’s dream. The better penis you have, the better you can please the women..Every woman in this world want a man who have huge cock and can satisfy her with his hard erections. The truth is that by using these exercise you will be able to gain 0.5inch size of penis in 2months.. I personally used a program namely “NATURAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT SYSTEM” and enlarged my penis by 0.10 inch in just two weeks. See my review of “NATURAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT SYSTEM” at are exercise’s which will help you to increase your penis size..These all are very effective exercise’s:



First of all the most important step is to warm up your penis for doing exercise. For this purpose just bring a towel or any soft cloth and dip it in warm water. Don’t squeeze this towel and bring it out from water and cover your penis with it and hold it for 1 this repeatedly three times..

By warming up your penis, the more blood will flow into your penis and hence  it gets environment suitable to enlarge itself..



Stretch you penis in flaccid state. Firmly grip your penis head and slowly and carefully stretch your penis straight out at 90 degree angle away from your body. Stretch to its maximum length without your feeling any pain or discomfort. Stretch it out for five minutes. At the end of every minute, attempt to stretch the penis out by a little bit more if you can. Release your penis and take a one minute break. Swing your penis in circles for 30 or more times to get blood circulating again. Repeat the above whole process again but instead of stretching out your penis straight at 90 degree angle away from your body, repeat once for each of these positions: with the penis pointing downwards, upwards, to the left, and finally to the right. Lastly, stretch your penis straight out at 90 degree angle away from your body again for one minute. Then give your penis 10 light tugs in the same direction.


Kegel Contractions:-

Sit on a tennis ball or handball placed in-between the scrotum (testicle sac) and the anus. For 3 minuets contract the anus and the muscles you would use to stop the flow of urine. Hold each contraction strongly for 10 seconds. (Not easy is it)? This exercise works the PC muscle mostly; this is the muscle that controls premature ejaculation. The work also gets the IC and BC muscles.


Penis Jelqing:-

Jelqing is done by forcing blood into your penis such that the penis blood chambers will expand permanently to increase size of the penis.

Warning: Do not jelq a penis in its fully erect state. This is how jelqing can be done:

1)Apply a few drops of Vaseline to your penis and spread it over your entire penis.

2)Make a circle with your index finger and thumb around your penis' base. Then, squeeze and slide upwards until you reach the penis head to force blood to the tip of the penis. This makes a single jelq. When your hand reaches the head, start with your other hand at the base and repeat the motion. Keep alternating hands, making each stroke last about 2 seconds.

3)To break-in your penis initially, perform 200-300 jelqs daily with medium strength in the first week, then 300-500 jelqs daily at medium to full strength in the 2nd week. From the third week onwards, you can do 500 jelqs or more daily.

If your penis becomes erect while you're jelqing, you can either a)wait for it to go away naturally or b)stroke harder to reduce the erection.

At signs of any discomfort, stop jelqing immediately and do not resume jelqing until the signs have gone away.


Wally Wally Ups:-  

Sit at the edge of a chair or toilet seat. Make your penis fully erect. Now hang a small towel over the penis and contract the muscles to make the erection stand all the way up against the resistance of the towel. Hold the up position for 3 to 5 seconds. Do 5 to 10 reps for 3 to 5 sets. This exercise though mostly for the PC muscle, will also strongly contract the IC and BC muscles. Since they wrap around and hold tissue together instead of going from one joint to another and moving things, the only way to strengthen the IC and BC muscles is through isometric contraction when contracting the PC muscle. In fact since they all have the same nerve supply it’s not possible to voluntarily contract the IC and BC muscles without PC being involved. As you get stronger add resistance by wetting the towel or by using a larger towel.

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